Accidents Involving Moving Trucks

Moving Truck Traveling Down Highway Near Lansing, MichiganMoving supplies, personal furniture, and finished products for sale from one point to another is an essential part of life for many people. Whether you are a small company renting a moving truck to transport your goods to customers, or you’re a family that’s moving apartments, a moving truck is a big help.

Unfortunately, moving trucks don’t always reach their destination in perfect condition. Because of the large load they tend to carry, moving trucks can be unwieldy and dangerous in an accident. Many other factors can affect the safety of the moving truck, and therefore the safety of your property. Unaware bystanders can also be seriously injured by a moving truck accident. It’s essential to understand how dangerous a moving truck can be while on the road.

There are situations where you may need legal representation involving a moving truck vehicular accident. If you have been injured in a moving truck accident, you need a personal injury lawyer to take up your case and help you secure compensation. With the best legal counsel, you stand a better chance of receiving compensation for damages received.

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Determining Fault at a Moving Truck Accident

In a vehicular accident, everyone loses. People can get injured, and property or vehicle owners also have to deal with the repairs and insurance claims. However, while everyone can suffer some level of damage, not everyone is at fault in a moving truck accident.  For most cases, one of the following parties can be held entirely or partially liable for the accident. As the liable party, they can be asked to pay for damages following a lawsuit.

  • The Driver

As one of the most immediate causative factors in an accident, faulty driving can result in the driver being held personally responsible. This tends to happen in situations wherein the driver of the moving truck is also an employee of the company that owns the truck and hasn’t been adequately trained. Faulty or impaired driving can include speeding, truck driver fatigue, reckless driving, being unaware of blind spots and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

  • The Moving Truck Company

If the accident was a result of negligent policies implemented by the moving company that owns the truck, then that company can also be held liable. Examples of negligence include inadequate training of drivers and employees, failure to maintain the truck at peak physical condition, and failure to regularly evaluate and reprimand reckless drivers.

  • Insurance Company

When it comes to receiving compensation for medical expenses and other damages following an accident, you may find yourself covered by various insurance companies. Insurance can come from liability coverage paid for by the moving truck company, from personal insurance of the renter, and insurance of the moving company.  

Receiving Compensation in Moving Truck Accidents

With an experienced and dedicated Michigan lawyer to handle your case, you have a good chance of receiving available compensation. Getting compensated is essential in coping and recovering from the effects of an accident, which may include serious physical injury, time lost from work, and psychological trauma.

As an injured party in a moving truck accident, you are legally entitled to compensation for damages sustained. You can rely on the Clark Law Office to fight for the quality of compensation you deserve.

Protecting your rights include collecting compensation for the following damages:

  • Vehicle damage

The best case scenario of being involved in a moving truck accident is getting some dents on your car and no scratches on any of the passengers. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need compensation for the costs of repairs.

  • Medical bills

Injuries can range from minor skin abrasions to bone fractures and internal bleeding. Each visit to the hospital to manage trauma can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. As the bills pile up, you need to receive compensation from the liable parties.

  • Lost wages

Taking the time to heal and recover from injuries sustained in a moving truck accident means losing time at work. The opportunity to earn money is a serious and tangible loss that’s directly related to the crash, which entitles you to compensation.

  • Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering are also covered by the law as a different form of damages. Unlike property damage, pain and suffering aren’t as easy to see or quantify. However, they are real, and they can prevent a person from functioning.

  • Emotional distress

Moving truck accidents can cause a lot of distress and expose people to psychological suffering. This is also another aspect of damages that you can receive compensation for.

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