If you were involved in a work related injury, and need help receiving the compensation you deserve, you should call an experienced Michigan workers compensation attorney at The Clark Law Office. Our firm employs a number of experienced Michigan lawyers who are well versed in all the various details of the law. Workers compensation law in Michigan contains a term known as maximum medical improvement; this term is a key factor in determining the amount of your compensation reward. The maximum medical improvement (or MMI) concept stems from the idea that workers who are recovering from critical injuries often reach a limit during the process of rehabilitation. It is possible that an accident victim may recover entirely from their injuries; however there are many cases in which a full recovery cannot be attained. If you receive worker’s compensation presently and have been determined to have reached your maximum medical improvement level, an assessment of your condition will be made to determine the level of your permanent or partial disability. Should a doctor conclude that you have reached your maximum medical improvement level, it is probable that your workers compensation eligibility will be revoked. This is a common occurrence that is largely due to the fact that those responsible for paying compensation do not wish to do so for any extended period of time. In this situation, fighting is the only way to continue receiving compensation.

In Workers Compensation Claims, What is an Impairment Rating?

Impairment simply means the level at which your body is unable to function properly after being injured. Generally speaking, impairment is defined in one of two ways. The first definition of impairment pertains to the musculoskeletal system; tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and extremities. The second definition covers neurological functions. The neurological impairment category is the more severe of the two, and covers brain injury as well as damage to the peripheral nerves and spine. In many cases these types of impairments are permanent regardless of rehabilitation therapy and medical treatment.

In my experience as an attorney, I hear the phrase impairment rating frequently. In order to determine the totality of functional loss a work related injury victim has suffered, an impairment rating is used. This rating is converted into a percentage, which indicates the amount of functional loss that has occurred. Impairment ratings are determined by an extensive process. Initially, injury victims are required to submit numerous forms detailing their pain levels, and how this pain affects their daily routine. Following this, a doctor will interview the patient regarding their medical history, their injury and their general health and fitness. Additionally, the doctor will carry out a physical exam along with tests that establish the true amount of functional loss involved. Typically, the process lasts two hours or less, and is a reliable source of important information. This is essential to establishing your ability to work post-accident, and the amount of compensation to which you’re due.

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You may believe that your compensation claim can be handled without the help of a lawyer; it has been determined that worker’s compensation claimants who use the services of an attorney receive greater settlements than those who do not. We can assist you with tracking down all of the vital case related documentation that you need, provide you with an accurate assessment of your case, and help you file your claim. Insurance companies utilize teams of attorneys to in order to fight claims like yours. We have an established history of successful worker’s compensation claims, and will represent you vigorously against the insurance companies.

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