A birth injury can occur during the actual child birth or before the birth even took place. While still rare, child birth injuries happen in roughly 1% of all births. If you feel that your child is suffering or has suffered a birth injury due to the negligence of your doctor, you have the right to collect damages if you can prove your case. Child and birth injuries occur much more often that you think and in some instances these injuries could have been avoided. The doctor is required to give reasonable care for both the infant and for the mother throughout the entire process including labor and delivery. If he/she does not provide adequate care, they can be held legally liable for any ensuing injuries or disabilities. We can also help file a wrongful death lawsuit if you have suffered an unnecessary loss.

There are many types of birth injuries that can cause hardships on your child and entire family. Many times, oxygen deprivation will lead to devastating conditions such as brain injury and cerebral palsy. Some other common injuries include permanent brain dames, damaged nerves, and erb’s palsy. We understand the importance of your case and feel that immediate action gives you the best chance in getting a fair result. We have tried many high profile injury cases in Michigan over the years and our trial attorneys have the resources necessary to take on hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and their team of defense lawyers.

We will start off by investigating your child’s birth injury and we gather and analyze all the information and medical records. In these types of cases that can be complicated, we will work closely with top experts in the field when reviewing these documents to provide additional credibility and knowledge when determining the best step of action for your case. Even if another attorney feels you may not have a case because they don’t have access to renowned experts, we can usually help.

A birth injury can be devastating financially and require lifetime medical costs in addition to other expenses. Providing care to the child will not only be expensive for the child, your life will severely impacted as well. You may be forced to make modifications to your home and car and provide specialized education throughout your child’s lifetime. Both Medicaid and supplemental social security is available as a means of help, but you will usually need to take action yourself with the help of a personal injury lawyer in order to collect damages from those responsible for your child’s injury. We will make sure you get the money that is required when caring for your child now and into the future. Our birth attorneys will aggressively fight on your behalf. We charge no fees unless you win your case and we always provide free consultation at (517) 347-6900.