Driving Michigan’s busy interstates can put you at risk for an interstate truck accident. The trucking industry is a billion-dollar business in the United States. Therefore, each day you see thousands of these large vehicles using our interstates throughout Michigan, including I-69, I-75, I-96, I-94, and I-496.

Unfortunately, commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor trailers, and semi-trucks can cause serious truck accidents on Michigan interstates that result in traumatic injuries and wrongful deaths requiring the assistance of a Michigan trucking accident lawyer. Consider these statistics about large truck accidents:

  • 438,000 large trucks accidents occurred during 2014
  • 3,903 people were killed in large truck accidents during 2014
  • 111,000 people were injured in large truck accidents during 2014
  • 79% of large truck accidents occurred on weekdays
  • The drivers of large trucks who were involved in fatal crashes had the highest percentage of previous accidents compared to drivers of other vehicles.
  • 83 percent of the people killed in large truck accidents are occupants of other vehicles or non-occupants (i.e. bicyclists, pedestrians, etc.)
  • 77 percent of people injured in large truck accidents are occupants of other vehicles or non-occupants (i.e. bicyclists, pedestrians, etc.)

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Interstate Truck Accidents Cause Life-Changing Injuries

interstate highway trafficSemi-truck accidents result in permanent, life-altering injuries. For the victim, his or her quality of life may never be the same. For the families who lose loved ones in truck accidents, nothing we can do will ever compensate them for their loss. However, the law does provide a way to hold the parties responsible for the truck crash accountable.

Money will never undo the damage of an interstate truck accident, but it can provide the means to rebuild your life. A monetary judgment also serves as a punishment and a warning for negligent and reckless behavior.

A Michigan interstate truck accident is unlike any other type of traffic accident. Insurance companies and trucking companies aggressively defend claims to avoid paying substantial amounts to the victims and their families. Even before your injuries are fully known, the insurance adjusters and attorneys begin to build a case against you. You need a Lansing truck accident law firm on your side who understands what is involved in handling a complex truck accident case. We are that law firm!

Put our experience, skills, and resources to work for you to protect your right to receive full compensation for your injuries.  Contact The Clark Law Office by using the contact form on our website or by calling 517-347-6900. We offer free legal consultations and free case evaluations for accident victims and their families.

Injuries and Damages in An Interstate Truck Accident

The injuries and damages in a Michigan interstate truck accident can be substantial. Common injuries that we see in truck accident claims are traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputations, head injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and wrongful death.

There are several factors that determine the types of damages and the value of those damages. Some of the factors used when calculating the value of a claim include the types of injuries, the severity of injuries, the length of recovery, and whether the victim has any permanent disability because of the injuries. Examples of compensable damages in a truck accident claim include:

  • Medical expenses, including the cost of long-term medical and personal care
  • Lost wages, including past, present, and future lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity, if you are unable to earn the same level of income as you did before the accident because of your injuries
  • Property damage (i.e. repairing or replacing your vehicle)
  • Funeral expenses, including burial and cremation costs
  • Permanent disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and mental anguish
  • Physical pain and emotional stress
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident, your injuries, and your recovery

The first step in an interstate truck accident case is to determine the cause of the accident. We must prove that another party caused the accident to recover compensation for your injuries. Therefore, we begin by determining the cause of the accident.

Causes of Interstate Truck Accidents

Depending on the circumstances and facts in your case, there could be one or more parties responsible for the truck crash. Potential parties in a truck accident lawsuit include the driver, truck owner, shipping company, company who loaded the cargo, parts manufacturer, maintenance provider, and repair company. The multiple parties who may be liable in your cause depend on the cause of the crash.

Potential causes of interstate truck accidents include:

  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Inexperienced truck drivers
  • Poorly trained truck drivers
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Faulty equipment
  • Traffic
  • Driver distraction, including texting while driving and talking on a cell phone
  • Sleep deprivation due to long work hours
  • Tight or unrealistic deadlines
  • Overloaded or unsecured cargo, including improperly loaded cargo
  • Improper truck maintenance that can lead to brake failures and tire blowouts
  • Interstate road conditions

Regardless of the cause of an interstate truck accident, it is very important to hire a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney who understands the issues involved in a truck accident.

There are numerous regulations and unique laws that govern the trucking industry. These regulations and laws are designed to protect the public from the reckless and negligent acts of truck drivers and trucking companies. You need an attorney who understands the rules of the trucking industry on your side when you battle the insurance company and trucking company.

How Can Our Lansing Truck Accident Attorneys Help You?

The Michigan interstate truck accident attorneys at The Clark Law Office conduct a thorough and exhaustive truck accident investigation including obtaining and reviewing:

  • The police report,
  • Employee records,
  • Maintenance records,
  • Driver’s logs,
  • The truck’s black box data, and
  • Safety records.

We also analyze the information from the accident scene, including the physical evidence gained from the vehicles involved in the accident. In some cases, we reconstruct the accident to establish fault.


Our interstate truck accident attorneys examine every aspect of your accident so you can receive a fair and just settlement for your Michigan truck accident claim. Call our office at 517-347-6900 to schedule a free legal consultation. We have offices in Okemos and Lansing for your convenience.


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