Dog Bites Can Cause Nerve Damage That Lasts A Lifetime

When dog owners fail to take proper precautions, they put everyone around them at risk. Dog bites are a leading cause of personal injury, and can cause everything from severed scarring to serious nerve damage.

Dog bites can lead to years of medical costs and lost income, as well as emotional stress for you and your family. If you’ve been injured by a dog bite, you should reach out to an experienced dog bite lawyer. They can help you seek damages for your injuries and the wages you lose from missing time at work.

Here, we’ll discuss how dog bites can cause nerve damage, as well as the steps you can take if you’ve been injured by a dog bite.

Dog Bites And Nerve Damage Injury

Dog bites affect people of all ages, and are a common form of personal injury. Depending on the severity of the dog bite, nerve damage can involve everything from loss of sensation to complete loss of motion in a limb.

A dog can tear into muscle tissue, especially if they can grab onto a limb. In addition to the tearing of the muscle tissue, the bite may also sever nerves. This means that the area of your body can no longer communicate with your brain. This can lead to a loss of feeling and paralysis of the limb.

Even mild dog bites can still cause nerve damage. This can lead to a partial loss of sensation in the area around the injury, as well as limited mobility. And the most severe dog bites can lead to complete paralysis and loss of sensation in the limb where the dog bite occurred.

Immediate Medical Treatment Can Reduce Lasting Effects

If you’ve been injured in a dog bite, you should visit a doctor right away. Nerve damage gets much harder to treat the longer you wait.

If you get to the hospital right after the injury, a surgeon may be able to act to save the nerves in the area near the dog bite. However, if you wait too long, the nerve damage could possibly be permanent, leading to loss of sensation and movement in the affected area.

Emotional Trauma From Nerve Damage

In addition to the physical disabilities that can result from nerve damage, there can also be serious emotional trauma. Many victims of dog bites experience depression, anxiety, and loss of self confidence.

And the time spent away from work and the stress from surgeries adds to the emotional toll. That’s why you need to seek damages for the emotional costs of a dog fight, as well as for the medical bills and lost wages.

Different Types Of Nerve Damage

There’s a wide variety of different types of nerve damage that can follow a dog bite. Here are some of the main nerve injuries you should be aware of:

  • Neurotmesis – This is the most severe type of nerve damage. It involves the total loss of nerves in an area. If you have neurotmesis after a dog bite, that means you will not be able to move or feel the area affected by the dog bite. Surgery will not be able to restore the function of the nerves.
  • Axonotmesis – This nerve injury occurs when the nerves are crushed by the blunt force of the dog bite. It can be quite severe, leading to total loss of sensation and movement in the affected area. Recovery times will vary widely, with some people regaining full function in months, whereas others only have partial sensation and movement after years.
  • Neurapraxia – This is a type of nerve injury that occurs when tissue is compressed or torn by a dog bite. It can range in severity, and even those who receive minor dog bites may have neurapraxia. Because the nerves are largely intact, the damage is not permanent, and you should recover full sensation and movement in just a few days or weeks.

Contact A Skilled Michigan Dog Bite Attorney

Michigan law allows victims of dog bites to seek damages in the case of injuries that lead to medical costs, emotional trauma, and lost wages. But the amount you receive may not always be enough to cover all of the expenses related to the bite.

That’s why you need a skilled dog bite attorney to fight for you. At the Clark Law Office, we have years of experience working in all areas of personal injury law. Every case is handled personally by one of our attorneys. And the attorney who takes your case will be the one you speak to.  We offer free case evaluations, and can help determine the value of your dog bite claim. And we charge no fees unless you win the case. Fill out our online case evaluation form, or contact us today.

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