What You Need To Know About Dog Bites And Scarring

Woman covering face after dog bite scarring and disfigurmentDogs are man’s best friend. But sometimes they can bite, causing serious injury and expensive medical bills. And dog bites often leave behind visible scars, which can lead to serious emotional stress and costly plastic surgery.  Dog bites can affect just about anyone, and are a common type of personal injury in Michigan. And the bites are often to the face, as many people lean down in front of dogs. This can lead to serious facial scarring and deformation that can be embarrassing and last for the rest of your life.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. They can help you win the payout you’ll need to cover medical bills and lost wages. And they can do the hard work for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

Scarring Caused By Dog Bites

A dog bite can leave severe scarring and disfigurement, as well as cause nerve and muscle damage. And dog bites can affect just about any part of the body.  Because of their potential severity, dog bites often require corrective surgery to reduce scarring.

These surgeries can be quite expensive, and often require follow ups after the initial operation. And even with corrective surgery, the scarring from dog bites often won’t go away completely.  Here, we’ll discuss what you need to know about scarring caused by dog bites, and how you can find a Michigan dog attack attorney to help you win maximum compensation for your case and prove negligence of a dog owner.

Corrective Surgery After A Dog Bite

Dog bites can often leave you with severe scarring and deformation, requiring corrective surgery. These operations can help erase or minimize the scarring or signs of physical trauma.

Physical scarring can cause a wide range of additional problems, such as anxiety, lack of self confidence, and social fear. A corrective operation can help reduce the scarring and disfigurement that can result from a dog bite, which can help address many of the emotional issues that can come as a result of a dog bite.

There’s a wide range of different operations performed to reduce scarring after a dog bite. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Skin graft – A skin graft is a type of surgery where skin is taken from another place on your body and used to cover the area damaged by the dog bite. This operation can significantly reduce scarring, and it can
  • Muscle graft -This operation is only used in severe dog bites where the muscle has been damaged. A muscle graft is taken from a donor site and used to . This operation can be risky, as the donor muscle may be rejected at the site of the dog bite. And you may only regain partial strength in the damaged area.
  • Tissue rearrangement – This procedure is used in dog bite cases where a severed laceration has occurred to your tissue. It’s a less invasive procedure than a skin graft, as the tissue is taken from an area adjacent to the injury site. It’s used for dog bites where stitching is not enough to close the wound, and it can help reduce scarring and improve healing.
  • Dermabrasion – A dermabrasion is an operation where a surgeon scrapes off the outer layer of skin at the injury site. Although this procedure will not be able to completely get rid of your scarring, it can help reduce visibible scars and smooth your skin.

Corrective surgery cannot always remove all traces of a dog bite. In many dog bite cases, there may still be some scarring that remains after corrective surgery. And the skin around the bite site may be discolored and swollen. However, it can help significantly to reduce visible scarring, as well as help the wound heal much more quickly.

After a severe dog bite, you may require multiple additional corrective surgeries. These operations can be very expensive, but may be covered by the payout you receive for your case.  In addition to the cost of surgeries and medical treatment, it’s important to realize the after effects of scarring and disfigurement.  If surgery is unable to remove most of the negative outside appearances, this type of injury can be extremely emotionally upsetting.  If you have permanent scarring and disfigurement this can negatively affect your for the rest of your life and you have to deal with the embarrassment and ill effects this because the dog owner was not responsible.

Finding The Right Dog Bite Attorney

A dog bite can lead to piles of medical bills and expensive physical therapy. And all of this medical care could mean you are losing wages at work. That’s why you should contact a personal injury attorney.  A skilled personal injury attorney can help you recover damages to pay for medical bills and lost income. And they can also help you receive extra payment for the emotional damage that so often comes as a result of a dog bite, especially if you bitten around the face and are of a younger age.  Let them fight for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

At the Clark Law Office, we offer free consultations for your dog bite case. Your case will always be handled by the attorney you speak to personally. Our attorneys work directly with you to build a strong case and win you the maximum possible payout.  Call us today at (517) 347-6900 and we will listen to your story and give you our honest opinion about your best legal options.  No fee unless you win!

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