What Dog Has The Strongest Bite Strength?

Victims of a dog bite usually need immediate medical treatment for various injuries which can include cuts, lacerations, infections, scarring, disfigurement, rabies, nerve damage, and sometimes even fatalities.

A serious dog bite can leave you with severe physical and mental injuries along with medical bills that you might not be able to afford.  It can affect your ability to live a normal life and can leave life-lasting negative effects.  In order to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney.

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How is Dog Bite Strength Measured?

After doing some research on this subject, it turns out that there is quite a large debate about the best way to measure the strength of a dog bite.  What is more important?  Bite force or bite pressure?  Force is measured in Newtons and PSI only measures the pounds per square inch which is not actually a measurement of force.

Bite Force Measured in Newtons

The main study for bite force was conducted on June 12, 1995, according to The National Library of Medicine.  A transducer was created to accurately read the bite force in docs.  They used this device to obtain readings from 22 different pet dogs and the forces ranged anywhere from 13-1394 Newtons.

Another study was conducted measured in vivo from dogs that had been anesthetized and they used electrical stimulation of the jaw adductor muscles.  This might not be the best methodology as it might not be reflective on an actual bite force during real natural activity.

What is PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch) for Dogs?

A PSI for a dog bite simply refers to the unit pounds per square inch.  This technically doesn’t record force but pressure.  Depending on who you ask, this is the more important measurement.  It calculates the maximum pressure at any one pound.  Obviously, this measurement will be different depending on the breed of the dog, size of the dog, what is being bitten, and the dog’s temperament and overall genetics.

Which Breed of Dogs Have the Strongest Bite?

Belgian Malinois – 195 PSI

The Belgian Malinois has a European background and looks very similar to a German Shepherd.  These dogs typically are very athletic and weight anywhere between 50 and 80 pounds.  They live around 10-12 years with the proper car but have been known live to 15 years.  Belgian Malinois usually tend to bark a lot, and this can be a problem for many owners unless you keep them extremely active.  For this reason, they make great herding dogs, military dogs, and police dogs.  In fact, they are used exclusively by the United States Secret Service and the Navy Seals.  The bite force of a Belgian Shepherd Malinois is 195 PSI.

English Bulldog – 210 PSI

The English Bulldog is very recognizable and distinct.  It is a medium size dog that is compact in nature and has short stocky legs.  It has a very large head and has excess skin on both the skull and forehead.  They have very large jaws and they have a substantial underbite.  While it’s looks may be intimidating is actually one of the most gentle dog breeds.  They do however had large amounts of courage and makes an excellent guard dog.  Full sized English Bulldogs range from about 48-56 pounds and are quite short at 12-16 inches.  The bite force of an English Bulldog is 210 PSI.

Chow Chow – 220 PSI

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed of dog out of China.  They were originally known for being sled pullers, hunters, guardians of livestock, and sometimes they were even dinner.  Typically, they are neither very social nor outgoing.  They tend to be aloof with strangers and are usually aggressive towards other breeds of dogs.  They are however very loyal to their family and provide plenty of protection.  They aren’t a very tall breed topping out at about 20 inches and at full size can reach weight of 45-70 pounds.  Their main physical features include a squashed face, somewhat droopy eyes, and lots of skin wrinkles.   The bite force of a Chow Chow is 220 PSI.

Dutch Shephard – 224 PSI

Dutch Shepherds were originally knows for being used by Shepherds in the Netherlands for all sorts of farm work.  They are incredibly intelligent dogs and take training very well.  They are currently used as police dogs, service animals, and all around great family pets.  They have a close resemblance to the more popular breed German Shepherd because they are a cousin breed.  They are one of the rarest breeds of Shepherds, but they are extremely healthy and easy to train.  Full grown adults range from about 50-70 pounds and are about 20-25 inches tall.  The bite force of a Dutch Shephard is 224 PSI.

Alano Espanol – 227 PSI

The Alano Espanol is a large breed of dog this is knows to be very social and hardworking.  They were brought to Spain early in the 5th Century and is also referred to as the Spanish Bulldog.  Originally they were used for bullbaiting, herding, hunting, and guarding.  They need lots of physical and mental stimulation to be happy.  They are great with other dogs, humans, and gentle with children if socialized at a young age.  A full sized Alano Espanol weights between 55 and 90 pounds and about 24 inches tall.  The bite force of an Alano Espanol is 227 PSI.

Doberman Pinscher – 305 PSI

Doberman Pinscher’s are originally from Germany, and they mainly used as guard dogs.  They have a sleek physical appearance and are extremely athletic.  They have lots of energy and highly intelligent.  They are commonly used as police dogs, military dogs, canine sporting dogs, and they make great family dogs for protection.  This breed of dog have a fierce reputation and are usually feared by those who are not familiar with them.  They do make a great guard dog but they are also a very gentle, watchful, and loving dog under the proper care.  They can be intimidating given their athletic appearance and large size topping out around 60-80 pounds.  Doberman Pinschers need an abundance of exercise.  It is wise to have a strong leader as if not, the Doberman will assume the alpha role of the family which can be problematic.  The bite force of a Doberman Pinscher is 305 PSI.

Labrador Retriever – 230 PSI

A Labrador Retriever is a very popular breed that is both a friendly companion and a useful working dog.  Originally, they were used as help to fisherman.  They hauled nets, fetched ropes, and retrieved fish in the cold waters of Labrador and North Atlantic.  They are known to be incredibly affectionate and intelligent.  According to the American Kennel Club, they are the most registered breed.  They are both muscular and athletic yet have a very friendly demeanor.  They love to serve their owners and their families as devotion is their most overpowering drive.  Some labs are still used as working dogs, but they are mainly made to be loving family pets.  They typically are up to 25 inches tall and weight around 55-75 pounds.  The bite force of a Labrador Retriever is 230 PSI.

Pit Bull – 235 PSI

The Pit Bull’s reputation precedes them.  Most people fear them as they are extremely strong, muscular, dogs that have been known to cause serious injuries and death when mistreated by their owners and raised for the wrong reasons.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is a lot of misinformation about Pit Bulls out there.  Most of this misinformation is by a few bad apples that were kept by criminally negligent owners.  You must be aware that you might be met with hostility by owning this breed of dog.  They are extremely intelligent and learn tricks and commands easily.  As long as the dog has received proper care and training at an early age, they make great family pets and are extremely affectionate and protective of children.  They typically are full grown and 19 inches tall and weight anywhere from 35-90 pounds.  The bite force of a Pit Bull is 235 PSI.

German Shepherd – 238 PSI

One of the most recognizable and popular dog breeds is the German Shepherd.  They are known to be extremely intelligent, athletic, and very good working dogs.  Their overall devotion and courage are unmatched in the world of dogs.  In short, they are a very versatile breed that makes a great pet.  GSD’s take training exceptionally well and make great handicapped dogs, police dogs, military dogs, herding dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug dogs, and of course a great family companion.  While they are a great breed, they do require a lot of work.  They are high energy dogs and require a lot of time and exercise.  If they become bored, they can take this out in various ways including barking and chewing objects.  This is not the breed of dog for you if your away from home often.  The bite force of a German Shepherd is 238 PSI.

American Bulldog – 305 PSI

The American Bulldog breed is very muscular and stocky.  Given this appearance, they are surprisingly agile and are great dogs for herding cattle and farm work.  They are known to be very intelligent and affectionate dogs that also make great family dogs.  They do unfortunately require more exercise than most breeds and the owner should have experience raising and training dogs.  A large fenced in backyard or room to roam is highly suggested to keep them happy.  They don’t do well in small apartments and don’t do well being left along for long periods of time.  Essentially, they are extremely loyal and good dogs, but are high maintenance.  This is a large breed of bulldog with full grown adults typically reaching heights of 20-28 inches and anywhere from 60-120 pounds in weight.  The bite force of an American Bulldog is 305 PSI.

Siberian Husky – 320 PSI

Siberian Husky’s are widely recognized as being a beautiful breed with a thick coat of fur that were used as sled racing.  They usually have blue or multi-colored eyes which is rare among other dogs.  It’s easy to understand why so many people are drawn to Huskies as they are extremely athletic and intelligent dogs.  The main drawback of a husky is that they require a TON of exercise which may be hard to provide unless you have a large property where they can roam.  They are also known as escape artists who can jump tall fences, dig under fences, and run away more often than other breeds.  They are still used as sled dogs but have become a very popular pet because of their striking appearance.  They are not known to be aggressive, but they can be very vocal.  They usually do well in multi-dog homes.  A full grown Siberian Huskey can range anywhere from 20-24 inches in height and 45-65 pounds in weight.  The bite force of a Siberian Husky is 320 PSI.

Rottweiler – 328 PSI

Rottweilers are most well known for being a family guard dog but they were used to pull carts for butchers and were some of the original breeds used for police dogs and military dogs.  It is not usually recommended for an inexperienced pet owner as they can be extremely strong and have an intense personality.  If you have experience with dogs, give them lots of quality time, and you are energetic they can make a great pet.  They originated in Germany and have a broad chest and a very muscular frame.  They are somewhat aloof to strangers and are very protective of their family.  They walk a fine line between being protective and being aggressive.  You must be able to display leadership or they will take the lead as alpha which you do not want.  This is a dog that is loyal to their people, and they want to be around you.  This is not a hands-off dog that you can just let roam in the backyard.  This is a large breed and a full grown adult it usually between 24-28 inches in height and 85-130 pounds in weight.  The bite force of a Rottweiler is 328 PSI.

Akita Inu – 375 PSI

At first glance, the Akita is a very intimidating dog breed.  They were originally used as guard dogs for royalty in Japan.  Surprisingly enough, they are also one of the few dog breeds capable of tracking and hunting boar, bear, and even whitetail deer.  They are typically fearless dogs and extremely loyal protectors of their family.  They can also be very affectionate and loving dogs when they are trained and socialized properly.  Akita’s are known to shed heavily and are heavy droolers.  They are very mouthy dogs meaning they like to carry things in their mouth, and this includes your hands and wrist.  They don’t do this aggressively but is actually one of the main ways they communicate.  It can take some getting used to and lots of training to avoid this behavior.  These dogs are huge and are naturally wary of strangers they are not around often.  They can become aggressive if they are allowed or aren’t trained properly.  A full-size Akita is typically 24-28 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 70-140 pounds.  The bite force of an Akita Anu is 375 PSI.

Wolfdog – 406 PSI

A wolfdog is an extremely intelligent, self-aware, and stubborn dog that typically makes a better companion than pet.  They are a curious breed but very fearful and timid.  They can have destructive tendencies so its more common to have them as an outdoor companion rather than a domesticated pet living in your home.  They have a narrow chest much like a wolf, large feet, a long muzzle, long legs, and small ears.  Their temperament if much like a wolf unsurprisingly.   They share many personal and physical features as wolves, and they prefer to hide from strangers and aren’t very protective.  They are more independent in nature.  They are very good escape artists and if you choose to have a wolfdog as a pet, you must have a kennel that is “bomb proof”.  They have a high prey drive so they shouldn’t ever be left alone with your children or other small pets.  They range is size from 26-34 inches and typically weigh 60-120 pounds.  The bite strength of a wolfdog is 406 PSI.

Tibetan Mastiff – 550 PSI

Tibetan Mastiffs were originally used to guard livestock and property.  They are still used for this purpose, but they are also somewhat popular as family companions.  These dogs have a very large and intimidating presence but have a reputation for being softies.  However, they still have a guardian gene and introductions from their owners is almost required.  These dogs are beautiful animals with a long coat, bright colors, and a gorgeous tail.  They are a showstopper, and you are bound to get many compliments while taking your doggo in public.  They have worked closely with humans for centuries, so they are very loving and patient gentle giants.  The main drawback is that they are independent and tend to not always obey.  The bite strength of a Tibetan Mastiff is 550 PSI.

English Mastiff – 552 PSI

The English Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds of dogs dating back over 5,000 years ago.  They were known as war dogs which is much different than the temperament of the breed today.  This is a very large dog breed and is not recommended for apartment owners or people that don’t have a lot of room for them to roam.  If you’re looking for a big dog with lots of lots of love and you have adequate amount of space, this gentle giant makes a great pet.  They have been known to slobber more than other breeds as well.  English Mastiffs are massive.  There are other breeds that might be as tall, but none can compete with their weight.  They are widely considered to be the largest breed in the world.  They might appear fierce, but they are docile in nature and have a very soft temperament.  They need lots of exercise but they do tend to overheat easily.  Old English Mastiffs are typically 27-31 inches in height and can weight anywhere from 130-220 pounds or more.  The bite force of a Mastiff is 552 PSI.

Dogue de Bordeaux – 556 PSI

This breed of dog is extremely loyal, territorial, and self-assured.  The most prominent feature of the Dogue de Bordeaux is their extremely large head.  They are physically intimidating in appearance and they will in fact protect their owner and family if required.  However, they are well known to be quite docile and have a very tender temperament.  They do also have a stubborn streak, so they are not recommended for first time dog owners that lack experience.  While not largely considered a work dog, they are fully capable of carting, obedience, work as therapy, and search and rescue.  A full grown Dogue de Bordeaux is anywhere from 23-28 inches tall and weigh at least 100 pounds and usually much heavier than that.  The bite force of a Dogue de Bordeaux is 556 PSI.

Tosu Inu – 556 PSI

The Tosu Inu is a large breed of dog that originates in Japan and they were bred with the purpose of a fighting dog.  This background along with it’s massive makes it a dog that is hard to handle unless you are an experienced dog owner with lots of space.  These dogs don’t do well in apartments and being confined indoors.  This breed is very intelligent and you must make it clear that you have a strong leader as they will know who is boss and you want to make sure they have discipline.  They are know to be heavy droolers so if that’s an issue for you, it might be best to look at other breeds.  It can be a very loyal and protective dog, but it’s not recommended if your household has small children and other pets.  There are numerous countries that have outright banned owned a Tosu Inu because they consider the breed to be dangerous.  They range in height from 24-33 inches and can weigh anywhere between 80 and 200 pounds.  The bite force of a Tosu Inu is 556 PSI.

Cane Corso – 700 PSI

The Cane Corso is large breed that is very athletic and strong.  These dogs love having a job to fulfill and they were originally used to guard property and hunt/track large animals such as wild boars.  They are extremely loyal in nature and don’t do well with strangers but will protect your family fiercely and affectionately.  This type of dog will do best if you have a job for him/her to do at all times.  A farm is an ideal spot for this type of dog.  If they do not have a job to do, they will find something to do and it will usually be destructive including digging holes, barking at anything that passes by, or chewing your furniture.  It is a mastiff type dog and is also quite large in stature.  A full-grown adult is usually 24-28 inches tall and weigh between 90 and 125 pounds.  The bite force of a Cane Corso is 700 PSI.

Kangal – 743 PSI

The Kangal is also referred to as the Turkish Kangal as they were originally bred in Turkey with the purpose of working with livestock and protecting livestock.  This is a very large breed, and they are well known as a protective and loyal companion.  They are surprisingly very good with small children, but it is still recommended for dog owners with plenty of experience that have a large space for them to spread their wings so to speak.  These dogs are extremely fast and have been recorded at speeds of 34 miles per hour.  They have even been known to scare off bears and other large predators.  Surprisingly enough, they are not recommended in households with other existing pets, but they do great with humans.  They have a reputation of being gentle giants and make great companions in the right situation.  The bite force of a Kangal is 743 PSI.

Does a Strong Bite Strength Equate To a More Dangerous Dog?

Typically, a strong bite strength indicates that the dog is genetically prone to being more wild.  While a strong bite strength doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more dangerous, it does indicate the potential for serious injuries or even death is present.  The amount of training and living conditions is a large factor in how dangerous a dog is, but you do have to account for bite force strength as well.

The dogs with the strong bites including the Kangal, Cane Corso, and Tosu are very large dogs with bites that are incredibly powerful.  If they happen to bite a person, you can be assured that they will cause severe harm or even a fatality.

A dog that has a bite force of over 500 PSI is obviously more dangerous simply because they can inflict the type of damage that is dangerous to humans.  The dogs that have a history of being bred for fighting and protection will usually have  stronger bite and thus have the potential for being more dangerous.

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What Dog Has a Stronger Bite Than a Lion?

The Cane Corse and Kangal both have a bite force over 700 PSI, which is more than the bite force of a lion.

What Is The Bite Force of a Human

The average human has a bite force between 120 and 160 PSI.

What Dog Bites Harder Than a Wolf?

The Kangal is large breed that is both powerful and athletic. It has a bite force of 743 PSI, which is higher than a wolf.

Is a Can Corso Bite Stronger Than a Pitbull

Yes, the Cane Corso has a stronger bite than a pit bull. The Cane Corso has a bite strength of 700 PSI and the Pit Bull has a bite strength of 235 PSI.

What Animals Have a Bite Force of 700 PSI?

The Cane Corso has a bite force of 700 PSI and the Kangal has a bite force of 743 PSI. The Kangal has the most powerful bite of all dogs.

What Dog Breed Has The Strongest Bite Force

The Kangal has the strongest bite force of any dog at 743 PSI.

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