Bleeding on the Brain: Car Accident Aftermath and Your Legal Rights

Brain bleeding injury and imagingIt is highly possible that a traumatic brain injury can happen to you or your loved one after a car crash. Extreme blunt-force trauma can cause brain bleeds. Bumping into the hard surfaces of your car can result in your brain colliding against your skull. This life-threatening injury requires immediate medical attention and diagnostic testing.  There is even a new blood test after a car accident to determine if you’ve suffered a TBI.

Dealing with a severe head injury can be extremely costly, from getting immediate treatment and physical therapy to the recovery process. That is why it is best to have lawyers on your side to plead your personal injury case and fight for the maximum settlement possible.

How Common Are Traumatic Brain Injuries After a Motor Vehicle Crash

Traumatic brain injuries are, unfortunately, one of the most common causes of death in adults. Over 50 thousand people die each year in the US because of traumatic brain injury. Car accidents, along with sports injuries and slips and falls, are common causes of brain injury annually.

A traumatic brain injury typically results from a sudden and violent impact or jerk to the upper body or head. This type of movement frequently occurs in car crashes. A car accident can cause your head and neck to collide with the car interior or things flying around. It increases the likelihood of a brain injury from happening.

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs in car accidents. This can happen when your head violently jolts back and forth due to the force from the crash. When this occurs, your brain may collide with your skull, resulting in brain bleed symptoms. These symptoms vary from milder signs to more severe signs.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

Traumatic brain injuries can have serious sensory, psychological, and physical consequences. Some brain bleed symptoms could show up right away, while others can appear much later. Because of this, it’s best to seek immediate medical care after a car crash to prevent more harm.

Mild, Moderate, and Serious Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Affecting Blood Vessels and Brain Tissue

The symptoms and manifestations of a mild traumatic brain injury are incredibly varied. Many of these signs may appear insignificant to some, but they must be examined immediately.

Some symptoms of mild brain injury can also occur in moderate to severe brain injuries. Symptoms that appear immediately after an accident could also indicate a head injury. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Sensory Effects

  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Blurry, hazy vision
  • Changes in olfactory function
  • Tinnitus
  • Photophobia
  • Sound sensitivity

Physical Effects

Mild Symptoms

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Lack of balance
  • Constant exhaustion or sleepiness
  • Headache and pains
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Speech or talking issues

Moderate to Severe Symptoms

  • Ears or nasal passages leaking clear fluid
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Dilated pupils (may occur in one eye or both eyes)
  • Inability to wake up
  • Loss of consciousness (minutes to hours)
  • Lack or degradation of coordination
  • Constant and worsening headaches
  • Frequent waves of nausea or vomiting
  • Numb or weak toes and fingers

Behavioral, Cognitive, and Mental Effects

Mild Symptoms

  • Insomnia
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Depressive signs
  • Forgetfulness or memory issues
  • Lack of concentration or focus
  • Extreme changes in mood
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Frequently dazed
  • Excessive sleep

Moderate to Severe Symptoms

  • Severe headache
  • Irritability and agitation
  • Comatose state or consciousness issues
  • Extreme confusion and disorientation
  • Slurring speech

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above after a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. More importantly, if you suffer any of the severe symptoms of a brain bleed injury, you must treat it as a medical emergency.

How Serious and Life-Threatening are Brain Bleeds from a Car Accident?

Man suffering from brain injury and dizzinessUnfortunately, a car crash can cause potentially life-threatening brain bleeds. Blood pools between the skull and the cerebrum exert force on the cerebrum, which causes multiple issues. This pressure can cause unconsciousness, comatose, loss of breathing control, permanent brain damage, or death.

The severity of a brain bleed isn’t always evident as it can get worse over time. A brain injury, if left untreated, can result in permanent brain damage or death.

Therefore, if you or a loved one suffered a brain bleed as a result of a car accident, call emergency services. After a car accident, it is best to consult a medical professional and undergo diagnostic tests to err on the side of caution.

Brain Bleed From Car Accident: What to Do Next

It is critical to seek medical attention and treatment for a brain bleed caused by a car accident. Immediate medical care and intervention can literally mean the difference between life and death. The more time a brain bleed goes unchecked and untreated, the more injury it can end up causing. If you are involved in an auto accident, call emergency services and get checked.

Postponing medical care for a brain injury carries a significant risk. Since brain bleeds in a person’s skull can worsen slowly, symptoms may be significantly delayed. The head injury might be discovered hours or days after the individual has been in a car crash. Not seeking medical treatment may lead to severe brain damage and possible death.

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security even if you feel fine after an accident. Some individuals appear perfectly healthy after a car crash, only to worsen over time and eventually pass. This phenomenon is called the “talk and die” syndrome. It happens due to a gradual and slow brain bleed after the initial head trauma.

How An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Auto accidents cause more head trauma than most people think. A head injury such as brain bleeding can strike immediately or happen gradually over time. It can be frightening to go through and can leave you confused and rattled. All types of head injuries can be overwhelming to experience and recover from.

Victims of distressing car accidents shouldn’t have to worry about contacting their insurance provider and managing their own medical bills. They should be given space to concentrate on the recovery process. It is best to get somebody to help them manage paperwork while they recuperate.

This is where an experienced personal injury attorney can assist in a case. From negotiating with the auto insurance company to filing personal injury cases, your trusted lawyer will help you recover damages to cover current and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, among others.

Contact a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney If You Suffer From Brain Trauma After a Car Accident

If you have suffered a brain bleed due to an accident, you should be aware of your options. Please remain calm and contact us. We have skilled, experienced, and caring personal injury attorneys who can assist you in winning your case. The Clark Law Office has helped many clients retrieve millions of dollars for over three decades.

The Clark Law Office’s personal injury attorneys will go above and beyond to support your claim. We will gather all documents, information, and evidence relevant to your case. We will also contact auto insurance companies to ensure that you receive the best possible coverage. With offices in Lansing and Okemos, Michigan, The Clark Law Office can provide you with the top personal injury attorneys.

Because a car crash can be terrifying and traumatic, it is advisable to get the best car accident lawyer you can locate. A traumatic brain injury requires rest so try to delegate the essential legal procedures to knowledgeable lawyers instead. Contact (517) 347-6900 or email  us at for a free consultation. Payment is not required until your injury cases are resolved and won. Give us a call today and let us evaluate your case.

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