Lawyers for Broken Bone Injuries in Michigan Automobile Accidents

Collection of Broken Bones X-RaysFractured bones are one of the most common orthopedic conditions that happen in the country. As a matter of fact, almost 3.4 million individuals have broken their bones annually, according to the National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey. Most often, people who had fractured bones have a temporary yet very painful disability. In other instances, such as with the frail and the elderly, they may even be permanently disabled. Either way, fractures need immediate medical and most especially orthopedic attention.

Because the injury is often caused by either accidents or assaults, the injured person has the right to free and affordable healthcare services. Specifically, he or she deserves financial compensation for all the emergency medical services, orthopedic care, rehabilitation programs, and loss of potential income. Not to mention the intense pain he or she felt during and after the injury.

The injured person is also entitled to wage compensation due to disability. After all, the fractured victim is not responsible for the injury. However, there have been times when the medical expenses of the injured victim are not covered. In these scenarios, the injured person needs strong and reliable legal advice from a skilled law firm to help win the case for them.

Most Common Bones to Fracture

Technically, any bone can be fractured. A fracture is defined as any break in the continuity of a bone. Because of its anatomical structure, among the most commonly fractured bones are long bones, found in the limbs such as femur and humerus. The most commonly fractured bone is the clavicle or collarbone, which can be fractured in a car accident especially of the upper limb receives the force of a head on or rear end collision. In car accidents, neck and spine injuries are also common because of whiplash injuries which a person may experience with high impact while wearing a seatbelt.

Types of Fractures

Bones can be broken in different kinds of ways. The type of fracture may depend on the type of bone and injury that occurred. There are two main types: complete and incomplete fractures.

  • Complete Fracture means that the continuity of the bone is completely broken.
    • An open fracture where the bone penetrates and there is skin breakdown. There is usually excessive bleeding and nerve damage. It has a slower prognosis because it is also at higher risk of infection.
    • In closed fracture, the bone is completely fractured, but the skin remains intact, giving way to faster healing.
    • A comminuted fracture is where the bone is broken into more than 2 fragments, leading to slow healing and decreased tissue formation.
    • A complicated fracture is severe because internal organs are damaged due to the fracture. A typical example during car accidents is a broken rib leading to impingement of the heart or lungs.
  • Incomplete fractures are smaller fractures that may go unnoticed but can lead to pain and impairment. Here are the incomplete fractures related to auto accidents:
    • Fissure or Hairline fractures are small cracks in the bone which can be caused by high impact. After bearing weight, it may eventually lead to a complete fracture.
    • Greenstick fracture is common in young children who still have soft bones which are not yet fully formed. A crack appears in the bent side of the bone, and even a low impact may result in a fracture.
    • Depressed fracture is common in the skull, where direct trauma results in a dent on the bone. This can cause severe brain injury.

Treatment and Compensation for Car Accident Fractures

Thankfully, fractures are often temporary, but it can take 6-8 weeks for bones to fully form. After surgery, an injured person will be using a cast or splint for more than a month. The victim will also most likely need rehabilitation services after a long period of immobilization.

A specialist and medical attention may also be required for complications that may arise from a fracture. These include respiratory distress due to severe pain and anxiety from the accident, acute hemorrhage, and septic shock due to excessive bleeding. The medical services you may need to heal your fracture are a wide range from emergency medical services, orthopedic specialists and surgeons, radiologist, rehabilitation team of physical and occupational therapy, nurse, etc.

Aside from medical costs, you need compensation for lost potential wages, ongoing lost income because of hospital stays, emotional trauma, among others.

Your Trusted Injury and Fracture Lawyers in Michigan

Make sure that you are fully and maximally compensated for fracture injuries in a car accident whether you were at fault for the accident or not. The Clark Law Office will protect your claims from insurance companies and the person at fault. A break in the bone should not lead to a break in the bank if you are equipped with reliable legal advice.  Call (517) 347-6900 for a 100% free consultation.  No fee unless you win!

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