bus-accidentBus accidents happen far less often that other vehicles, but the ensuing crash is usually much more devastating and dangerous. Large buses size and weight overpower other drivers on the road and many times these smaller vehicles are the ones that pay the price. Over 60% of all injuries related to a bus accident occur to victims in the surrounding vehicles. Surprisingly, school buses usually account for as much as half of all fatal bus accidents that occur in the United States every year. Parents put a lot of trust into the hands of the bus drivers and a small mistake can end up causing serious injuries or even death.

David M. Clark will use his trial experience in Michigan to make sure the driver is held responsible for the accident and possibly even the employer of the bus is held accountable and that you receive damages and expenses for your injury. Bus accidents involve more complicated insurance issues as well other special requirements that will affect the amount of recovery possible for you. It’s important to know these differences from other accident laws. You need an attorney who has dealt with similar issues and knows how best to proceed with your case and form a strategy.

Bus drivers have a lot of responsibility in their hands and for this reason they must undergo special training much like other professional drivers. Buses usually transport large numbers of people and many times large numbers of children making an accident much more troublesome when they occur. Most bus crashes are due to carelessness of the driver and overall poor driving. Many factors could increase the chances of a crash including distracted driving, excessive speeding, use of alcohol or narcotics, and general fatigue from driving too often. Our attorneys and team of experts will conduct an investigation to preserve the evidence and uncover the truth about the accident.

We can help you file a claim against the bus owner or company to recover damages related to your injuries. A bus accident can put a major financial burden on you and your family, and we can help you get financial compensation for various medical costs, any wages that you lost with your inability to work, loss of earning potential, and your pain and suffering. Contact us for a free consultation about your bus injury case. We charge no fees on any injury case unless you win.