Insurance companies often try and to minimize your injuries by describing the injury a “soft tissue” injury. The implication being that the injury somehow must not be serious if it is “soft tissue”. It is a mistake to overlook these types of injuries, such as, bruises, muscle strains and sprains or worse. Under the Michigan No Fault Law you have an absolute right to require your insurance company to pay for the medical treatment and rehabilative services you need to recover and to pay for your lost wages if these injuries keep you from working. These types of injuries can take a long time to heal and sometimes your never recover to where you were before the accident.

“IME” Insurance companies many times will send you to a so called independent medical exam (IME). This is usually a sign that you insurance company is going to stop paying for treatment or lost wages, loss services or attendant care. The insurance company sends you to a doctor of their choosing, who the pay (often a lot) to determine if you are still injured or not. These doctors often conduct multiple exams for the insurance company each day and given the amount of money they make from the insurance company the answer is usually favorable to the insurance company, which is a polite way of saying they will not pay. If this has happened to you, you have a right to take your company to court and make them pay.

Therefore if your insurance company is not paying for your treatment or sent you to their doctor, who states you are healed and refuses to pay for your treatment or lost wages that you need.