Dealing with Soft Tissue Injuries After A Car Accident

Most insurance companies will try to get away with paying as little as possible to the beneficiaries of their insurance plans. That is the reason why for some car accident cases, most insurance companies refer to cases as soft tissue injuries to minimize the financial payout for personal injury claims. However, it cannot be denied that soft tissue injuries do matter, and they can have life-long effects that impact the quality of life of its victims.

What are Soft Tissue Injuries?

After any type of personal injury accidents, either one of two things will happen: an individual will have noticeable injuries (hard tissue injuries) or more subtle injuries (soft tissue injuries). Hard tissue injuries often look drastic— fractures, crushed bones, or even cracked ones can definitely show just how significant the impact of the personal injury accident was. However, the same cannot be said for soft tissue injury cases.

Soft tissue injuries happen when a tendon, muscle, or a ligament becomes torn, inflamed, or damaged in some way because of an accident. These do not have impactful physical manifestations, so it’s easy to dismiss them and say that they do not merit a big financial payout from insurance companies. However, just like recognizable injuries like hard tissue injuries, there’s a spectrum when it comes to the severity of these injuries to the lives of the people living with them.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries that People Can Get during Vehicle Accidents

Soft tissue injuries often happen because of slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, workplace accidents, and other forms of personal injury cases. While there may not be an immediate or noticeable pain on the beginning stages of soft tissue injuries, their effects get worse as they manifest over time. Some of the most common types of soft tissue injuries that people encounter when they’re involved in such accidents include:


Most commonly found on victims of auto accidents, a whiplash happens when the neck stays stationary as the body moves forward abruptly. A whiplash takes time to manifest, and it could take a couple of days before people experience the pain that comes with this soft tissue injury. Its effects include neck inflammation, stiffness, and spasms. It can also lead to arm and shoulder pains, headaches, ringing ears, numbing sensations, and difficulty in short-term memory and concentration.


Overusing, blunt force, and over-stretching muscles and tendons can lead to strains. Muscle and tendon strains can sometimes be manageable, but more serious strains can result in muscle and tendon tears. Since muscles and tendons cannot heal themselves over time with tears, immediate medical attention like surgeries are needed in such cases.


Sprains happen when muscles and ligaments gyrate in expected ways, like rolling pressure or even through twists. Sprains can occur during any type of accident, and there are times when these aren’t as serious as other injuries. However, when left untreated, strains can become even more severe and lead to even more significant health issues. Soft tissue injuries often afflict the hips, ankles, knees, and wrists of personal injury victims.

Apart from these soft tissue issues, many other subtle accident after-effects can afflict victims of personal injury cases. These include nerve damages, mild to severe ligament injuries, to even tendonitis. Since some of these can have lifelong effects and even necessitate surgery, it is vital that people who experience such issues are covered by insurance benefits.

Why Your Legal Representative Needs to Fight for Your Soft Tissue Injury

When you encounter such pains when facing insurance companies in Michigan, it is crucial to be represented by a law firm that will fight for your case ardently. Insurance companies often get away with paying the minimal amount (and sometimes not even paying anything at all) when they face claimants suffering from soft tissue injuries. However, these injuries can require complicated surgeries and can lead to more serious issues when left untreated. These are as serious as hard tissue injuries, which means that they deserve the right amount of claim as well.

If you are living in Michigan and you need a dependable partner for your soft tissue injury case, approach a law firm like The Clark Law Office immediately. We have years of experience in the industry, and we understand the harsh effects of soft tissue injuries. Every victim deserves a financial payout, especially if they are innocent bystanders in an accident. Get quality representation for your soft tissue injury case now when you call The Clark Law Office at +1 (517) 347-6900. 

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