Serious Injuries After a Car Accident

The head is the most vulnerable part of the body in car accidents. It protects the brain-the most significant part of the central nervous system. Head injuries, from mild to severe, are always of grave concern.  If you have suffered from any type of head trauma following a car crash, you should seek medical treatment immediately.  Even if you don’t think the trauma was severe, head injuries can mask potential life threatening conditions.  You should not just assume that you are ok if you are experiencing headaches, dizziness, or other tell tale signs of a head injury.

Concussion, Symptoms, And Your Legal Options

In this article, learn about concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, and its symptoms. You deserve to know your legal options and how much a concussion is worth if you or a loved one suffered a car accident.

How a Car Accident Can Cause Concussion Injuries

A car accident can cause a concussion or brain injuries when the head strikes anything inside the car. In a head-on collision, the occupants thrust forward and hit anything inside the cars. They may bump the windshield, steering wheel, backrest, or airbag, resulting in concussion injuries. In a rear-end collision, the sudden impact causes the body to jerk in a whiplash motion. The head simultaneously experiences a sudden acceleration and deceleration movement, which causes concussion injuries.

Concussion Or Brain Injury Explained.

A sudden bump or blow to the head and violent jerk of the upper body in a whiplash motion cause a concussion or brain injury. The sudden movement of a motor vehicle collision causes the brain to shake, bounce around, or twist inside the skull. This mechanical force or trauma alters brain function because of chemical changes and damaged brain cells.

The medical term for concussion is mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), but ‘mild’ does not reflect the severity of the injury. Although concussions per se are not life-threatening, the effects can be devastating.

Statistics: Traumatic Brain Injury And Concussion From a Car Crash

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) reported that most people get traumatic brain injuries and concussions from car crashes.

In 2020, there were over 64,000 TBI-related deaths in the United States.

Traumatic brain injuries cause 30% of all injury-related deaths. 14% of these are from motor vehicle accidents. Car accident-related TBIs are the leading cause of death for people 5-24 years of age.

Signs Your Car Accident Gave You a Concussion

Most car accident victims are unaware they have concussions right after a car accident. Concussion symptoms vary between individuals and may not manifest immediately after car accidents. It is prudent to be vigilant about these warning signs your car accident gave you a concussion:

  • Lose consciousness
  • Memory loss or amnesia
  • Daze in appearance
  • A general change in behavior and personality
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Post-traumatic headaches
  • Seizures

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries From a Motor Vehicle Accident

concussion ct imagesAn injured person may experience traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle accident-either mild, severe, or second impact syndrome. Because not all traumatic brain injuries are the same, the symptoms depend on the type of injuries sustained.

Here are five types of traumatic brain injuries you need to be aware of:

1. Concussion

A sudden impact in car accidents will most likely cause the head to hit a hard object inside the car. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head. Although not life-threatening, concussions may affect a person’s life if left untreated.

2. Brain Contusion

A sudden jolt or violent shake causes the brain to bump skull. The impact is usually a rear, frontal, or side collision and may cause brain contusion, or bruise, on the brain. Brain contusions may lead to brain bleed or blood clots.

3. Skull Fracture

A skull fracture may result if something hits your head so hard. A concussion and contusion usually go alongside this type of brain injury. Symptoms include bleeding from the ears and nose, swelling, and a bruise on the head.

4. Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury, or secondary brain injury, is a dysfunction in some parts of the body caused by a car accident. For example, a person stops breathing momentarily during a collision. It cuts oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

5. Brain Penetration

Brain penetration occurs when a sharp object, such as metal, breaks through your skull and pierces your brain. This type of traumatic brain injury is the deadliest of all. It comes from a high-speed collision. The impact can send a person flying out of the windshield.

Concussion Symptoms That May Arise Following a Car Accident

A concussion can affect speech, memory, muscle coordination, and reflexes. You should consult medical professionals immediately if you experience any of the following concussion symptoms after a car accident:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Double or blurry vision
  • Excruciating headache
  • Fatigue or weakness in the arms and legs
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Loss of balance or an unsteady walk
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Slurred speech

Delayed Symptoms Of a Concussion

Concussion symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or vomiting are easy to spot. But those that do not involve a knock-out may not be visible.

The subtle signs are not apparent until a few days later if a concussion is in an area that takes time to cause further damage.

A mild concussion can still cause brain injury. Seek medical care immediately after the car accident and monitor symptoms, no matter how subtle.

What To Do If You Suspect You Or Your Loved One Has a Head Injury Following a Car Accident?

Time is of the essence. It is prudent to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you or your loved one has a head injury. Go to the nearest hospital and ask a good neurologist in the emergency room. This way, you get the best medical treatment from advanced medical science. The attending physician will request diagnostic and imaging tests in aid of medical treatment.

Can You Make Head Injury Claims After a Motor Vehicle Collision?

Absolutely! You can file for head injury claims if your car accident is because of someone else’s negligence. The debilitating effects of traumatic brain injury may change your life forever. It is appropriate to get compensation for economic and non-economic losses from the at-fault party.

What Factors Affect How Much Concussion Is Worth In a Car Accident Case?

Each car accident case is unique. How much a concussion is worth depends on several factors meticulously investigated, verified, and presented in court by an experienced car accident lawyer. These factors include:

  • Lost wages, medical treatment, medical bills, and future medical care until complete recovery
  • Proof of trauma in diagnostic tests (such as brain bruises and brain bleeding)
  • The severity of the impact and loss of consciousness
  • Permanency of injury and effect on daily activities of the injured person (such as inability to perform tasks)
  • Credible witnesses attesting to the behavioral changes of the injured person after the accident
  • Credentials of the attending physician or neurologist, as well as neuropsychological testing supporting the concussion claim
  • The insurance company that defends the case and the insurance adjuster who handles the claims

The Biggest Settlement In Cases Of Car Accident Concussions

In 2019, the largest settlement among car accidents involving concussions amounted to $37M. The state of Michigan recorded $34M in 2014.

Do You Have To Hit Your Head On Anything To Suffer a Concussion?

A concussion occurs when you hit your head on anything inside the vehicle during a car accident. But not all concussions involve hitting the head. A whiplash motion of the upper body may cause concussions.

Post-Concussion Syndrome Can Last For Weeks, Months, Or Even Years.

A person suffers from Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) if he experiences persistent concussion symptoms beyond recovery time. Concussion symptoms usually wrap up within two weeks. If symptoms persist for several months or even years, the doctor may diagnose PCS.

Post-concussion syndrome may alter a person’s physical, professional, and social life. He withdraws from daily activities if he experiences concussion-like symptoms in physical and cognitive activities.

You Don’t Have To Hit Your Head On Anything To Suffer a Concussion.

Don’t let your guard down if your head did not hit inside the car. The sudden impact from a car crash can cause your brain to twist or move around and bang against the sides of the skull. It is prudent to seek medical attention immediately after a car accident, even if you did not hit your head.

How Long Do You Have To File a Claim Against The Insurance Company?

You must file a written claim for benefits such as wage loss, medical costs, replacement services, and other no-fault benefits with the insurance company within one year of the accident.

If the insurance company denies your claim under Michigan’s no-fault benefits, you must file for a lawsuit within one year from the time of expenses.

Statute Of Limitation In Personal Injury Cases

You want to file a civil lawsuit with your personal injury case. It is prudent to comply with the statute of limitations in pursuing litigation in a car accident.

What is the personal injury statute of limitation in Michigan? The personal injury statute of limitations is a law that sets a time limit to file and asks the court for a legal remedy. The Michigan Compiled Laws Section 600.5805 states that you have three years to file all pertinent documents in court if you suffered injuries because of another person’s negligence in a car accident case. It starts from the day of the car accident that caused you serious injuries.

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