The loss of motor function in the limbs or even in the whole body is a traumatic and stressful situation with often life-changing consequences. Paralysis changes the way you view and live your life, and it also affects the lives of those who love and care for you. If you were involved in an automobile accident which led to your paralysis, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Though the situation seems complicated, there are ways you can at least get justice for the pain you are suffering. We encourage you to meet with one of our Michigan personal injury lawyers to consult your case. Call The Clark Law Office at 517-347-6900 to better understand your legal options for recovering compensation for damages.

Paralysis from Automobile Accidents

Serious Car Crash in Michigan Which Resulted in ParalysisThere were almost 1000 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes in Michigan in 2017 alone. Multiply this number by thousands, and you can get an idea of how many traffic crashes have occurred, leading to both property damage and injury.  Paralysis is a serious and unfortunate injury which can happen to any motorist. Anyone involved in an accident, whether the motorcyclist, driver, or passenger, is at risk for sustaining a spinal injury leading to severe nerve damage.  The paralysis depends on the extent and location of the injury.

Paralysis can be understood as the loss of movement, sometimes with loss of feeling, in all areas of the body below the spinal nerve that was severed or damaged. The cost and extent of the medical treatment also depend on the type of paralysis from the crash.  Paraplegia is a type of paralysis involving a break or injury to the lower spine. There’s the loss of motor function in the legs and feet. Because upper body movement is preserved, there’s enough mobility to navigate a wheelchair independently.

Quadriplegia, on the other hand, is caused by an injury in the upper portion of the spine. Both the upper and lower body is paralyzed. Some forms of quadriplegia can still have some motor function in the upper body preserved; this is considered to be one of the most common types of spinal cord injuries in 2010.  Either type of paralysis causes undue burden on the victim and the victim’s entire family. Different complications can arise as a result of surgery, hospital stay, and chronic disability.  The cost of a spinal cord injury can range from $300,000 to over $1,000,000 in just the first year, with long-term annual costs reaching up to $200,000. Medical expenses involving a spinal cord injury include:

  • Surgery
  • Intensive care unit stay
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical, occupational and exercise therapy
  • Psychotherapy

How Vehicle Crashes Cause Paralysis

A variety of personal injury accidents can cause paralysis, but the most common cause requiring legal advice would be automobile accidents. Car crashes involve high-speed and high-impact collisions. The velocity and pressure involved in automobile accidents can cause serious injury.

  • Nerve damage in the spinal column – lacerations and puncture wounds can damage nerves in the spine. Once the spinal nerves are severed, movement cannot be coordinated. The paralysis can be localized or generalized if the injury is severe enough.
  • Crushed spinal injuries – the spinal nerves are protected by the bony spine. In accidents when a person is caught between two objects or under intense pressure, the compression of the vertebrae leads to crushed bones and damaged nerves.
  • Blunt trauma to the spine – high-speed collisions, especially with large vehicles like trucks, will cause the body of the victim to move at high velocity as well. Hitting stationary objects or other moving cars will lead to severe blunt trauma.
  • Deceleration injuries – like neck whiplash injuries, the spinal nerves can be damaged when the body is thrown forward and then back quickly. The herniated disc will damage the spinal nerves and lead to paralysis.

Contact a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney

The physical, emotional and financial costs of paralysis cannot be quantified. Aside from the costs of operation, you and your family also have to deal with the adjustment, which involves lost work opportunities, expenses for rehabilitation, and support through psychotherapy. If you are the victim of an automobile accident, you deserve the best representation in order to recover compensation.  The Clark Law Office has a long history of representing people in Michigan courts. As the leading Michigan personal injury law firm, we have the hard work, dedication and extensive courtroom experience to achieve the best possible result for each of our clients.

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