rear-end-accidentIn Michigan rear-end automobile accidents are one of the most common forms of accidents.These types of accidents often occur when a driver is not paying attention to the road in front of them. Whether the accident occurs at a red light, stop sign, or the middle of the road, a driver who has been a victim of a rear-end accident can end up having serious medical problems.

Whiplash injuries are associated with rear end accidents, because the stationary vehicle is usually stopped and the striking vehicle transfers its energy into the stopped vehicle and suddenly accelerates not only the vehicle but the humans inside causing the head and neck to quickly move forward and jerk backwards as the stops or decelerates.
A person injured by the distracted party causing an accident can recover money for medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care, loss services and compensation for their pain and suffering.It is important to contact an attorney in Lansing or Michigan to preserve your rights.

Common Rear-End Automobile Accident Injuries

The injuries that can be sustained in a rear-end car accident are numerous. Most often some form of whiplash will occur along with a possible head injury, wrist injuries, arm injuries, or eye injuries caused from impact with the steering wheel or dash of the vehicle. Whiplash can cause severe cervical spine (neck) injuries, disc damage, along with possible herniation or complete rupture of the disks located in the spine.

What Should I Do After a Rear-End Accident?

After the accident it is important to make sure that you get the proper medical attention. Whether you need someone to drive you to the hospital or whether you think you can make it to the doctor on your own, it is always important to seek out a medical doctor. Often times symptoms can be slow to manifest. Failing to go to the doctor or emergency room will not only impede the recovery of your health, but can also deter from any future settlement you may be entitled too. Often time insurance companies see delay in treatment after an accident as evidence of malingering and faking. Additionally, making sure to document the accident with the police and your insurance company should be a priority for an motorist.

Rear-End Accidents and Distracted Driving in Michigan

Needless to say Cell phone use and cigarette use while driving are some of the top distracted-driving activities involved in these accidents.
Texting while driving is illegal in Michigan and studies have shown that texting and driving distracts from safe drive more than drunk driving. Talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel also is more distracting than one would think. Many people delude themselves that cell phone us is not any worse than listening to the radio or talking to a passenger. Studies have shown that a person will turn down the music or the passenger will notice the distracted driving thus the comparison is a false one, that causes many accidents.

Can I Bring a Lawsuit After Being Rear-Ended?

In Michigan, we have no-fault automobile laws. This means that if you were in an accident and you need to have your medical bills and lost wages paid, your own insurance company will be responsible for these benefits.  However, if you suffered a serious impairment of a body function as a result of the accident you can sue the at fault driver for your pain and suffering.  Because Michigan No-Fault laws are complicated and detailed, it is best to consult with an experienced Michigan automobile accident attorney to determine your rights after an accident.

Call the Clark Law Office today for a free consultation regarding your automobile accident. The lawyers at the Clark Law Office have over 30 years of experience dealing with rear-end accidents in Michigan. We understand that clients who have suffered injuries as a result of these accidents can have their lives changed permanently, and deserve to have their best interests preserved and looked after.