What You Need to Know When You Get Involved in Michigan Ride Sharing Accidents

What You Need to Know When You Get Involved in Michigan Ride Sharing AccidentsRight now, ridesharing companies are taking over as one of the primary modes of transportation in the United States. The case is true even in Michigan, where companies like Uber were initially slow to expand due to the legal grey area of ridesharing. Now, Michigan has also created a statewide framework for ridesharing companies, including limousine and taxi businesses. Thousands of ride-sharers in Michigan can take advantage of the growing transportation system in the state without fear of its legal ramifications.

The Laws that Govern Ridesharing

It wasn’t until recently, when businesses like Uber and Lyft started to grow, that states finally enacted laws to govern the field of ridesharing. Initially, this business system existed in a legal grey area, with no clear direction as to who is to blame when accidents happen. Since there were no precedents in ridesharing lawsuits, assigning liability became tricky as well.

However, times have changed. There are more clear-cut laws in ridesharing nowadays, and the laws surrounding ridesharing have been simplified to streamline the processing of auto accident lawsuits. If you have ever been in an accident while in a ridesharing vehicle or if your vehicle has been damaged due to a ridesharing vehicle, it would be advisable for you to approach legal professionals to help you determine liability.

Common Reasons Why Ridesharing Accidents Happen

Just like any other auto accidents, ridesharing issues are usually caused by:

What to Do When You Get Involved in an Accident with a Ridesharing Vehicle

If you ever get involved in an accident with or in a ridesharing vehicle, it is crucial that you know what to do.

  • Get the details of the driver

Get the driver’s name, contact number, address, and insurance information. Businesses like Uber and Lyft usually have their own insurance plans in place to prepare for accidents, but it’s nice to know precisely what insurance plans you are dealing with. The ridesharing driver might also flounce if you do not get their details, so it is better to know how you can contact them immediately.

  • Document the scene of the accident

As much as possible, you must make sure that you take documentation of the scene of the crash. Take photos of the vehicles involved, the scene, and the location of the accident. Take images of your surroundings to make sure that the scene of the accident remains untouched. This documentation will serve as one of the pieces of evidence in assigning liability.

  • Get the details of the witnesses

To solidify your claim, it is essential that you secure your witnesses. Try to get the names and contact details of the witnesses. If you can, make sure that their testimony on the accident is in line with yours.

Michigan’s No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act

Michigan employs its No-Fault Act when it comes to automobile accident insurance claims. This means that there’s a guarantee of insurance benefits to all victims of automobile accidents, regardless of who’s at fault. A person who gets injured during a vehicular accident in Michigan (including ridesharing drivers and passengers) can have two separate claims: the personal protection insurance benefits and the tort liability claim.

  • No-Fault PIP Benefit Claims

Each person will be able to recover no-fault benefits from their own insurance company, regardless if they were at fault in the accident or not. Under the Michigan system, insurance holders can claim the following:

  • Limited medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • 3-year wage loss benefits
  • Survivor’s loss benefits
  • Replacement service expenses
  • Tort liability claim

People can also push for a tort liability claim for damages that fall under non-economic loss and excess economic loss. The at-fault driver or his/her insurance plan will be liable for these damages. Claims for such losses require proof of “permanent serious disfigurement” and “serious impairment of body function.”

Contact a Dependable Legal Representative for your Ridesharing Accident Claims

If you ever get involved in ridesharing accidents, it is vital that you contact people who know their way around the law. In Michigan, The Clark Law Office is one of the best firms to approach in such accident claims. Make sure that you get the compensation you deserve with The Clark Law Office now.  To know more about how we can help you, contact us today and speak to a dedicated accident attorney who will advocate for you!






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