Anyone who has experienced a burn injury is possibly facing long-term disability and in some cases life-long medical treatment. It is one of the most painful experiences imaginable, and it usually inflicts both physical and emotional stress with long lasting effects. If your burn injury resulted because of another’s negligence such as a small business owner, employer, driver, or other person who failed to provide a proper duty of care, you can bring action against the responsible party to pay for the damages caused by the incident. In the rare occasion where a burn injury results in death, you are entitled to bring a wrongful death suit which will give the family an opportunity to recover economic damages from the death.

The attorneys at The Clark Law Office understand the issues that you are facing and we are here to help. When you hire us to fight for you, we will immediately work with industry experts who can help determine how much damage has been done to you and your family. These experts are knowledgeable in their fields and they take into account the severity of your injuries and how it will affect you from an economic standpoint. For example, an economist can help estimate how much your future earning capacity has been reduced given your limited physical abilities. We have helped clients facing all types of burn injuries from auto accidents, industrial explosions and accidents, house fires, building fires, construction accidents, and others.

A common place where burn injuries occur is at the workplace. The laws affecting a burn injury while at work are different from a non-workplace. If the incident occurs at work, you might be able to receive workers compensation benefits. Employers utilize workers comp benefits to lower their liability or exposure to lawsuits if their employers get hurt on the job. You can recover payment under workers comp, but there are more regulations and limiting factors. Even if the injury takes place at work, you can still recover personal injury damages if it happened because of a negligent party unrelated to your employer. In that case, you could bring action against the third party and file a claim. Whether your burn injury took place on the job or not, we can help determine the best options for recovering the best award and proceed quickly.

As attorneys practicing and trying personal injury cases in Michigan, we understand how the system works. We will do everything in power to preserve the evidence and protect your legal rights. Insurance companies regularly deny legitimate claims in an attempt to cut costs. You have to remember that they are a regular business trying to operate a profit and may not be willing to give you the amount of compensation required from such a debilitating injury. Regardless of how your burn injury took place, give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your case. We will never charge you any type of fee unless you win your burn injury case.