Bulging Disc In Neck Car Accident Settlement – What You Need To Know

Bulging discs and herniated discs are just two of the bodily injuries that can be sustained during a car accident. If you or a loved one were involved in a car crash and suffer neck and back pain, you may be suffering from a bulging disc or a herniated disc.

What is a Bulging Disc and Why Does a Disc Bulge?

Bulging Disc in Neck Car AccidentThe spine is composed of bones (or vertebrae). Between the vertebrae are round, pillow-like discs, which serve as cushions or shock absorbers for the vertebrae. Since they are like buffers between the bones, discs allow one to move with ease.

The discs are made up of two parts: a soft center (called the nucleus) and a tough elastic-like outer layer or enclosure (called an annulus).

Over time and as people age, the discs may deteriorate, thus causing the outer layer of the discs to sag and bulge outward, hence the term “bulging disc.” Aside from degeneration because of aging, bulging discs can also occur because of

What is Disc Herniation?

When the discs are torn due to pressure and some of the nuclei pushout through the crack or tear, the result is a herniated disc.

A herniated disc can occur in any part of the spinal column, although it mostly happens in the lower back. A herniated disc can also occur in the neck. Herniated discs are also referred to as ruptured or slipped discs.

Symptoms of Bulging Disc Injury and Herniated Disc Injury Cases

Some people do not exhibit symptoms of disc herniation. Still, for those who have the symptoms, they are likely to experience the following:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Numbness or tingling in the shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, or back
  • Neck pain
  • A sharp localized pain in the lower back, upper back, or neck
  • Muscle weakness
  • Chronic pain in the lower or middle back
  • Excruciating pain from the lower back to the buttocks, including thigh, calf, and toes
  • Increased pain when bending or turning the neck

Common Causes of Bulging Discs and Herniated Disc Injuries

Any of the following injuries may be due to a disc injury:

  • Disc Degeneration – When people age, the discs become more prone to rupturing or tearing. In addition, because they are less flexible, a minor twist or turn can result in a bulging disc or a herniated disc.
  • Weight Issues – Overweight individuals are more prone to disc injury because of the fact that their discs tend to support the additional weight.
  • Gender – It is said that men between 20 and 50 years of age are most likely to suffer from a herniated disc.
  • Repetitive Activities That Put a Strain on The Spine -Physically demanding jobs that require lifting, pulling, bending, or twisting can affect the spinal column.
  • Car Accidents -A car crash may cause the victims to suffer disc injury. Because of the pressure from collision, displacement of the nucleus may result in a herniated or bulging disc.

Medical Treatment For Bulging Disc Injuries

Doctors usually use the conservative treatment approach in treating disc injuries.

First, physical examinations and imaging tests are done to determine if the pain in the neck and back has to do with bulging discs or herniated discs.

Once disc injury is confirmed, modifying the patient’s activities is usually the first approach in treating disc herniation and bulging disc injury. The patient is advised to rest for a certain period and to avoid movement that triggers pain. Pain medications are also prescribed to address the pain and swelling.

If the condition of your herniated disc does not improve, the doctor may recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy may include deep tissue massage, electrical stimulation, and exercises.

Some people with bulging disc undergo surgery, especially patients with uncontrollable pain, numbness, and difficulty walking or standing.

Can You Make a Personal Injury Claim Against The At-Fault Driver?

You can file a negligence lawsuit against the at-fault driver within three years from the date of the accident. The negligent driver will have to compensate the victim for the pain and suffering resulting from the car accident.

Note that for you to claim for the pain and suffering that you experienced, you must prove that the other driver was at fault for the crash. Also, you must prove that the injury that you have caused a serious impairment of your body functions.

What Can You Claim in an Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

In car accidents where the at-fault driver is uninsured, the victims can recover damages from their insurance company through the uninsured motorist coverage.

This additional coverage will pay for the pain and suffering compensation caused by the uninsured driver in case of a car accident. For the victim to claim from the insurance company, this coverage should have been added to the policy when it was first purchased.

How To File a Herniated Disc Injury Claim in 2023

If you’ve suffered a debilitating injury like disc herniation or bulging disc injury, you can file a no-fault claim and a negligence claim.

In a no-fault claim, your insurance company will pay your medical bills and lost wages regardless of who is at fault. Submit to the insurance company an application for no-fault insurance benefits within one year of the accident.

When dealing with a negligence claim, it is best that you talk to car accident lawyers to help prove that the other driver is at fault and negotiate for a higher compensation. Proving that you have experienced pain and suffering and that the other driver caused the car crash are things that only experienced lawyers can do. Hire a car crash attorney to help you with this.

Factors That Affect Herniated Disc Settlements

There are times when the negligent party agrees to settle in order to avoid lawsuits. However, even if the negligent driver expressed his desire to settle at the outset, make sure that you are well represented by a car accident attorney. An attorney can help you get a favorable settlement value for your herniated disc or bulging disc case.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know that several factors affect disc settlement amount. The average settlement for disc injury case can range vastly depending on the following:

  • Degree of negligence of the at-fault driver
  • The severity of the herniated disc or bulging disc injury
  • Permanency of the disc injury
  • Type of treatment required
  • Length of recovery time
  • Insurance coverage

Fair compensation should cover the victim’s medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and medical treatment and procedures. If you or a loved one suffered a herniated disc from a car accident, ensure that you don’t settle for less than the amount that you deserve.

Hire an Established Law Firm to Handle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Car accidents are prevalent on Michigan roads. The 2021 report released by the Michigan State Police showed that 282,640 traffic crashes occurred in 2021. Of those incidents, 51,666 resulted in bodily injuries.

If you have suffered from herniated or bulging disc injury after a car accident, contact The Clark Law Office and let us handle your herniated disc or bulging disc cases.

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