Medical Mileage Expenses Are Reimbursed After a Car Accident

Car Accidents Victims Are Entitled To Be Reimbursed For Medical MileageMedical mileage is one of the most overlooked benefits for victims in a Michigan car accident. Many people forget all about it or do not even know about it. Because of this, hundreds to thousands of dollars of gas and mileage reimbursements are not claimed. This is a sad thing because medical mileage is an easy first party or no-fault benefit to claim for a victim of an auto accident in Michigan.

It is only right that victims of Michigan auto accidents be reimbursed for their expenses for traveling to and from doctors and medical facilities for their proper care and treatment. The stress and trauma that come in a physically damaging auto accident are too much for any victim. They do not have to think about the expenses that come with their treatment and care. As opposed to when a victim lives in a medical facility, they will have transportation expenses with every medical treatment and appointment.

What is Medical Mileage?

Medical mileage simply refers to medical-related transportation fees and expenses incurred as a result of an injury after an auto accident. This can be transportation expenses incurred from traveling to and fro therapies and check-ups.

Under Michigan’s Insurance Code, a victim of an auto accident in Michigan is entitled to medical mileage reimbursement and other travel expenses for medical-related purposes. The medical mileage must be reasonable and must be necessary to the care and treatment of injuries that resulted from a Michigan auto accident. These travel expenses include but are not limited to gas expenses, parking fees, toll fees, and expenses that result from using the victim’s own vehicle for their medical care, treatment, and therapy.

Reimbursement for Medical Mileage

To be able to make a successful medical mileage claim, the victim of a Michigan auto accident must be able to establish that the mileage traveled is to and from medical, therapy, and treatment appointments. This must be accomplished and verified in a medical mileage reimbursement statement which must include the following details:

  • Date of travel
  • The doctor, therapist, or treatment facility visited
  • Total round-trip mileage

Under Michigan No-Fault Law, auto accident victims can receive reimbursement for other medical-related travel costs other than mileage traveled.

  • Other reasonable transportation fees
  • Toll Fees
  • Parking Fees
  • Gas Expenses
  • Oil
  • Other expenses from using the victim’s own vehicle

Expenses that a Michigan auto accident victim has incurred must be listed down in a medical-related travel expense reimbursement and medical mileage reimbursement form. Receipts can be provided to back up the medical reimbursement claims.

Who Pays For The Victim’s Medical Mileage?

The No-Fault insurer will pay for the medical mileage of the auto accident’s victim for medically related transportation. Aside from medical treatment and other losses due to the auto accident, your own car insurance coverage will pay for your medical mileage, regardless of who caused the accident.

Under the No-Fault Law, no-fault insurance does not only cover the policyholder. Your personal injury protection (PIP) also includes the following:

  • Any family member living in the house of the policyholder. It can be that the family member is a passenger in another person’s car or is injured as a pedestrian in an auto accident.
  • Any passenger or pedestrian who does not have personal injury protection, and gets hurt in the auto accident the policyholder is involved in.
  • Motorcyclists involved in an auto accident involving the car of the policyholder.

Is There Any Limit For a Medical Mileage Claim?

Michigan’s No-Fault Law imposes no limit on the medical mileage reimbursement claim of an auto accident victim. The medical mileage and other medical related travel expenses must be reasonable and necessary to make a successful reimbursement claim.

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