Replacement Services Benefits for Accident Victims

Personal injuries caused by accidents will temporarily or permanently affect anyone’s lifestyle. In Michigan, anyone unable to do their previous activities can hire replacement services instead. These services are and should be covered by the No-Fault law of the state.  Under the No-Fault law, all individuals injured in the car accident can enjoy the replacement service benefits. This law applies to all injured individuals, even if they are at fault. This includes the driver, the passenger, a rider of another vehicle, or a pedestrian.

What is Replacement Services Benefits?

Replacement services benefits are also commonly known as household services benefits. These are compensation received from an auto insurance company for assistance in household chores, as well as childcare. The victim, whether at fault or not of the accident, is entitled to receive payment of up to $20 per day. It is essential to take note that the victim has the right to these benefits whether these are performed by a hired individual or a family member. As long as you are unable to do these household tasks due to your accident injury, you are eligible for compensation.

The Replacement Services and the No-Fault Law

Under the no-fault law, the coverage for compensation includes reasonable and necessary products, services, and accommodations while the person recovers. This should include all of the activities the person cannot do because of the injury. Therefore, the injured person can enjoy a compensated replacement and household services for up to three years from the date of injury. The compensation will last for either as long as the person is unable to perform these household tasks, or a maximum of three years, depending on which one comes first. A person can receive as much as $20 each day for replacement services or a total of $600 a month, which is adjusted every 30 days.

How to Apply for a Replacement Service

To be able to enjoy these benefits, the injured person must file for replacement services within one year from the date of the accident. If you apply beyond this period, you will not be able to enjoy these replacement services.  After you initially submit your claim, your insurer will assign you an insurance adjuster.  You will then be required to submit a household chore and replacement services benefit claim to this insurance adjuster. For your own benefits, it is advisable to have the forms reviewed by an expert personal injury lawyer before submitting them over to your insurance adjuster. You’ll have to submit claims for the benefits every 30 days.

To fully receive a compensated replacement service, the injured person should secure the following information. This application may be submitted with your no-fault benefits in some instances.

  • A physician’s referral or certificate stating your need to avail these services
  • The list of all replacement services performed
  • The name of the person providing the services for you

The Benefits of Replacement Services

Replacement services allow the injured person to focus on recovery without worrying about household tasks. Whether performed by hired services or by another family member, the auto insurance company is obliged to pay for these services. These household tasks include:

  • Housekeeping such as cleaning the home, dishwashing, laundry, ironing, etc.
  • Meal preparation, cooking, and clean up
  • Maintenance of lawn and garden
  • Child rearing, babysitting or child care
  • Care of pets
  • Investment income
  • Car or vehicle maintenance
  • Driving family members such as children to school or other appointments

In some instances, auto insurance companies refuse to pay for these services especially if the tasks are performed by a family member. This is under the notion that family members do not get paid for these services. However, you have a right to compensation when you are effectively represented by your auto injury lawyer. If the insurance company refuses or denies payment, if they pay the improper amount, if they do not pay right away, or if they either pay and later cut it off, you may file a lawsuit with the help of no-fault insurance attorney. 

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Make sure you have a reliable attorney to represent your claims for replacement services. Expertise and negotiation skills are important against the tricky tactics of insurance companies.  Our Michigan car accident lawyers have years of experience in this situation so they know how to handle replacement services claims very well. Contact us today if you have any questions about your rights to household services benefits. The Clark Law Office offers free consultation and guarantees that you pay nothing unless you win your case!

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